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“You are a 29-year-old teenager”

Por Tatiana Aoki – Comente

Natalie Portman in Closer

This post will be in English as I promised a friend from Taiwan that I met in Recife.

Talking with people from all over the world is one of the most rewarding things that a human being could do to change their principles and dogmas. Specially when we talk with eastern people, which has practically an opposite culture from the western, we realize that our Jewish-Christian philosophy is not the only way to think.

And me, as a half Japanese, tend to suffer from the straight forward western thought to the holistic and Zen thoughts from the eastern.

Let me explain. I spent long, long hours talking to this guy from Taiwan about lots of things and that ended up with one of my favorite subjects – the connection between mind and body, the theme of this blog.

He told me that I talk as a mature women, but act as a…Teenager. Well, I tried to understand what does that mean, because I just cannot understand what exactly do I do to have this both sides inside me.

“I don’t know what do you do, but that is my impression”, he explained.

I passed the rest of the trip in Recife thinking about it, and in my last night in the hostel, a French guy told me exactly the opposite:

“You look like a young girl, but act as a mature women. I could tell you that you have around 29 years old”

I did not feel mad or anything, just got even more intrigued, because three months ago, an old women asked me if I was 14 years old (without talking to me, just by looking).

So, what exactly do you do unintentionally that makes other people create an image about you?

Considering the people’s comments, am I a 29-year-old teenager? It just let me think that, maybe, we are not the way that we think regarding our behavior in society.

Flying back to São Paulo, I sort of understood why some people tend to misunderstood our age and so on (which happens with almost everyone I know): the way I was behaving in the airplane showed one of my teenager-side that I might try to hide, but it ends up appearing in public: lying in a narrow airplane seat, wearing sneakers, jeans and hugging a sweater, I felt asleep as a 29-year-old teenager.

By the way, I am 25 year old.

A movie that reminds me this post is Closer. Natalie Portman is, in the same movie, a sexy woman, a sad girl and a shy teenager – this picture is from a scene that she is in the airport coming back to U.S., totally different from the stripper she used to be.