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To give or to receive?

Por Tatiana Aoki – 13.333 Comentários

From the movie Lost in Translation (2003)

Artists and famous people are used to say that they have no privacy and so on. But in the other hand, they are also the ones that love the flashlights from paparazzi whenever they can. So, in some way, eveyone wants to be found, like it is said in Lost in Translation.

This makes me think that the fact that you are not forgotten and not anonymous makes you feel part of the world. And then, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, probably thinking that anonymous people wanted to be a celebrity, even if it is only between their 500 friends.

And everyone exposes their best phrases, bodies, pictures, songs, videos. Yeah, we want everyone to Like your life, even if it is miserable after turning off the computer – which is becoming even more difficult now, because people tend to not disconnect at all after Smartphone and their check-ins in Foursquare or Facebook Places.

So, the feeling of emptiness, of the absence of Likes, makes us seeing our reality that, maybe, we are having the same disease as the 15-minute celebrities: we want to be exposed in any circumstance – well, it would be ideal if it is just in our beautiful pictures, trips and clever phrases collected somewhere in the web.

That is why we feel so empty. We gave too much of ourselves into things that are not going to make us a better person. We have this Western tendency to give feelings, emotions, like everyone would like to receive it. Maybe they want, but you do not need to give what you do not have – if you don’t have any inner love, how could you share it? Someone would say the love is the meaning of life. But if you don’t have it, what can you do? Pretend that you have and make a huge effort to expose on social media again?

Maybe it is time to protect ourselves from being exposed, because it can be too late, and we will be acting like the 15-minute celebrity – if we are not already acting like that.

Save some of yourself to give your best from those who really deserves your best.